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How does Prepaid Digital Prints work?

You sell to your customers credit card-sized Prepaid Digital Prints cards. The card can be loaded with a quantity of prints. You set the quantities for prints and the prices for your stores. If you own a chain of stores, you may chose to have the prices be the same of all of the stores in the chain. The customer can redeem the card only at your stores, or if you choose, at all of the stores in the chain. You use to check the value on the cards and to add to and subtract from the card values. Various reports are also available to you at the website. Your customers can check the current value of their card at via the “Quick Card Lookup”. Customized Prepaid Digital Prints cards can be purchased from Prepaid Digital Prints.

How does Prepaid Digital Prints benefit your customer?

Your customers are familiar with the concept of prepaid telephone cards. Prepaid Digital Print cards are very similar. Your digital-active customers can purchase quantities of digital prints to be printed at your store at a discounted rate, saving them money. They can also purchase Prepaid Digital Print cards as gifts. Commercial and government accounts can provide the cards to their employees to make it easier to pay for digital prints at your store.

How does Prepaid Digital Prints benefit you?

More than anything else, Prepaid Digital Prints is a customer loyalty program. It allows you to more effectively compete with online digital printers that offer prepaid print programs and low price photo retailers. Because your customers can only use their Prepaid Digital Print cards at your store or chain of stores, you keep them loyal to you. And, you get your Prepaid Digital Print card payment up front so the program can help improve your cashflow. The Prepaid Digital Print program was created by photo industry veterans who understand your challenges and can help you meet them.

How do Prepaid Digital Print cards compare to Gift Cards?

Like gift cards, Prepaid Digital Print cards can be used by your customers or given as gifts. Also like gift cards, customers frequently do not use all of the card value. So, your effective price per print is actually higher than the purchased price per print. However, gift cards can be used to purchase anything in your store, including low margin merchandise. Prepaid Digital Print cards can only be used for your higher margin digital prints increasing the profitability of your loyalty programs.

Prepaid Digital Print cards with low starter values can be given to customers when they join your club program or when they purchase high priced merchandise or services. They can be given away as promotions and at events. Because the cards are for high margin services, your customers perceive that they have been given something of a high value but your cost to fulfill is low. This makes them more valuable to you as a promotional giveaway than gift cards.

What is my cost to be part of the Prepaid Digital Print program?

The account signup fee is $99 per store. There is a monthly charge for basic service of $10 per month per store to participate in the Prepaid Digital Print program. You purchase customized Prepaid Digital Print cards from

How do I sign up for the Prepaid Digital Print program?

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